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Crimes against blog design

I’ve been browsing a few blogs today, and I thought I’d share some of the things which have annoyed me about their design. Okay, so maybe I’m not the best deisgner out there, but as a DMOZ editor I’ve probably browsed more crap than most people.

  • Firstly, please don’t use target="blank" anywhere. If I want to open a new window, then I’d open one myself. If you want to signify that’s it an off-side link, make it a different colour or something.
  • You don’t have to add every damn site icon and ‘Im listed in whatever’ image, but if you do, please put them either on your own server or one that is reasonably fast
  • Big title images – why? I’m here to read your blog, not wait for some huge image to download. We’re not all on broadband, you know!
  • Make sure your content loads first, instead of your links – that’s what I’m here to read!

That feels better.


  1. you forgot – don’t use tables!

  2. color coordination! nothing more annoying then navy font on black background!! 😛

  3. Oh yeah, tables! Silly me.