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Why Gator sucks

Anyone who has used the internet for any amount of time will have probably encountered Gator. Some of you will also know that Gator is a spyware app, and is hated by many due to its apparent ability to install itself without your permission. But why is it really so evil?

The UK magazine PC Plus has come up with an article explaining just what this parasite does and why it’s bad. Some of the reasons are not directly obvious either, but make sense. It has the potential to be a very serious security threat, if you allow it to remember things like your credit card details or your bank account, for example.

I’ve never had Gator on any of my computers, mainly because I don’t need it (systems like IE’s AutoComplete or Mozilla’s Form Manager work well enough for me), but also because I don’t want my personal data being made available to some faceless corporation in another country (where data protection laws aren’t so strict), or worse to some virus writer or script kiddy who decided it’d be fun to upload a trojan to my machine.

Note: to remove Gator from your system, use Spybot S&D. It will also help you protect your computer from being ‘infected’ in future.


  1. first off, this truamatized me:
    secondly, revolving duck is up and running.
    thirdly, you’re mr. mozilla. is there any reason why when i downloaded and installed mozilla 1.2.1 (as i discovered today i was running mozilla 1.0. ahhhh!) that i ended up with mozilla 1.3a?
    oh my god. my keyboard stopped working for a few minutes. obviously, it’s back now. stupid gateway.
    anyways. i’m happy with mozilla 1.3a, i just don’t understand why they’re calling it mozilla 1.2.1 in the downloads. yeeeeeeah.
    oh, one last thing. i had a dream about you last night. it was really odd, and i can’t remember too much about it. except that you were showing me something on linux, and we got all excited about linux and started screaming “LINUX KICKS ASS!! DOWN WITH WINBLOWS!!”
    heh. 😛

  2. I seem, in your words be share of truths.
    screen savers

  3. 1. Ignore that, that’s another Neil T.
    2. I know, I noticed 🙂
    3. I have no idea, but 1.3 beta is out next week, from what I’ve heard.

  4. i have come to the conclusion that Mozilla 1.3a SUCKS SOMETHING FIERCE. there’s something wacky with the focus, and whatnot. i have got ahold of the RH 8.0 RPMs for 1.2.1, which does not suck and actually lets me type! OMG!!
    also, did your whole site go blue or is that Pyrite being silly?

  5. Yeah, I went for a cool blue again.
    1.3 alpha did strange things too. I eventually removed it, mainly because I messed up the chrome settings such that nothing worked :-o. But it was still a little strange even before I b0rked it.
    There are now only two major bugs left in Mozilla 1.3 alpha that need fixing for beta release:,184122 , so hopefully it’ll be out soon. Mmmm…. bayesian spam filtering… mmmm….

  6. anybody can advise on how ro uninstall and remove all gator-related software? tks

  7. I agree with you 100%, spyware should be stopped.
    Take GMT for example, it doesn’t say what it does but it’s just there. When you click the uninstall button, it says to go to add/remove programmes in your control panel. When you go there, it isn’t on the list.
    So I tried manually deleting, but the files are set to ‘read only’. If that wasn’t annoying enough, when you set them off read only… it crashes! And I’m on a fairly, above average PC.