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Indiscriminate Illnesses

Okay, this is just plain unfair. I’m now into my third cold since November (read about #1 and #2), with my nose acting like a tap and my head feeling like someone’s crammed polystyrene into it. Grrr.
Apart from that, life has been somewhat quieter after Tuesday night – I stayed in last night and will be doing the same tonight, and possibly tomorrow night, bearing in mind that all but 3 of my friends are going home this weekend. I may go out though, since the strangest thing happened on Tuesday when I was at the station in Manchester. Read on…

After waiting a while, Tom finally arrived, and we went to wait for a tram back to his house. He said he’d seen someone whom he recognised from somewhere on the way, but just wasn’t sure if it was them. Anyway, we were waiting, and this person walks up to us, and said This may sound really strange, but did you two come from York by any chance?. It was Sam, someone I’ve not seen since he moved to Halifax at the end of Year 7, back in 1996.
Anyway, I now have his phone number, and I’m hoping to meet up with him for a drink one night, since Halifax is only a 10 minute train ride from Bradford. He’s now at UMIST, doing a computing degree that, judging by the textbooks he was carrying, involves both Perl and Linux. This could be very cool :).
In other news, I’m going to re-arrange my finances. As you may know (due to my problems getting it) that I have a current account with the Halifax, which I can access using my Switch card. Well, Tom gave me an idea.
Since this account gets barely any interest (0.0something%), I might as well move the bulk of my cash to a savings account (which gets 4.something% annual interest), then transfer the money back to the current account if I need to access it. It sounds complicated, but then again, we now live in the age of internet banking. The Halifax’s online banking system, which actually works with Mozilla (shock horror!), allows me to manage both accounts from the same interface, and lets me instantaneously transfer money between the two. Tom uses this to the extent that his current account is usually empty, and he just tops it up before he goes out with some cash when he needs it. I probably wouldn’t go that far, seeing as most evenings I can’t even get on through the university system as all of the lines are busy, but moving the bulk over may make more financial sense. I may get as much as £5 more per month that way.
I can’t use the online system yet as I have to receive an access code via snail mail to enable the account (which is good from a security point of view, but still rather slow). But once it’s here, my money should start reproducing itself. What a nice thought :).
You may also be interested to know that I am now £681 poorer, having paid out for a term’s worth of accommodation fees in one go. But I still have a stroke under a grand to last me the next 10 weeks, which should be more than enough.

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