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Upgrade Frenzy

I’ve had a real upgrade frenzy today, having updated 3 of my programs. Here’s what I did and what’s new:

Ad-Aware 6.0 Personal

The long-awaited final build of Ad-Aware 6.0 has finally become available. And it appears to be worth the wait too, with a gorgeous new interface. While it won’t be to everyone’s tastes, the new look is very nice and is also functional. Think Norton Anti-virus, but cool blue rather than yellow.

Downsides? It’s still much slower than Spybot S&D, and a lot of the options are disabled (you have to buy Ad-Aware Plus or Ad-Aware Professional for those). But it is easier to use than Spybot, and the interface is better. As it is, the only suspect items it found were two cookies in IE, one from DoubleClick and the other from Gator.

You can download it from Lavasoft, who incidentally have a newly re-designed web site.

SmartFTP Build 973.1

It hasn’t been long since build 971 was released, but it’s already been superseeded. Mostly a maintenance release but there is a nice new stats popup window. It also uses version 2.0 of NullSoft’s NSIS installer, which is proving to be a lot nicer than its predecessor while still being very quick and compact – only 2MB compared to the 5MB monstrosity that is the Windows Installer build.

You can download it from

IrfanView 3.80

A new major build of IrfanView, a tool I use almost daily, is out, offering support for more formats (including Ogg Vorbis :-D) and a few extra features, including integration with Nero Burning ROM. Nice.

You can download it from which has also received the redesign treatment.


  1. wanna know a secret? sure you do! hekhet (and therefore revolving duck) should be up and running by monday!! isn’t that HOT?!
    tee hee!

  2. It’s so hot you could cook breakfast on it :).