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A hollow feeling inside my head

Well, that was fun.
We set off to see some of Tom’s mates in their student flats near the Manchester Met campus, which look quite good actually – 4 rooms and a kitchen/dining social area. And of course everyone has computers which are all networked together… (thanks to Tom, apparently)
We started out at Scubar (scuba? bar? geddit?), where I made the mistake of downing a reef and double vodka in about 15 seconds. It was as if my brain had been replaced with helium, or something. Then I had a try of a ‘new’ drink, called the ‘Ric’. incidentally, this was created by Ric, one of Tom’s mates, and consists of orange Reef, two shots of Smirnoff Red and a generous shot of Blue Bol. Although he’s intent on patenting it so get the details now before I get sued, or something. I will warn you: it’s green.
And then there was the Absinthe experiment. I’ll say no more.
So, after our ‘adventures’ there, we headed off to Satan’s Hollow. (not Stan’s Hollow, as Tom put it once). For the record, this is an alternative club. And I don’t particularly like alternative music. But by now, I was far too drunk to care, and actually I had a good time. The club was themed in the style of a… well, hollow, as you’d probably expect, which made for a good atmosphere. Certainly better than Rio’s in Bradford, that’s for sure.
And no, it isn’t a gay club, despite its proximity to The Village (it’s not far off Canal Street).
Anyway, I’m a little fragile this morning, as you’d probably expect. But at least I’ll be going back to Bradford happy. And if the alternative clubs are this good, then the trance clubs must be absolutely awesome.

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