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Not a wise idea

So I went out last night. It’s been my first night out on a Monday in Bradford since Tom came over to visit back in December, which is kinda ironic since I’m nipping across the Pennines to see him later today.

The night started in an… interesting way when I heard a lot of giggling, shouting and screaming coming from one of my friends rooms. They’d all been on Tesco Value Cider (4.6% alcohol) and were all rather giddy. Anyhow, after one of the group got a serious wedgie, we headed out. And, for the first time ever, I had gel in my hair. Normally I like it “au naturel”, but I was talked into having a gelled quiff. And it looked quite cool actually – with a bit of luck I’ll be able to get some photos through in the coming weeks. Certainly I’m considering doing it again :).
So we set out. Which was fun, because the sidewalks pavements were very icy, due to the frozen snow melt, so everyone was skidding all over the place. The fact that Bradford isn’t the flattest place on earth made it all the more interesting, too.
We started off at Sir Titus Salt, which is our local franchise of Wetherspoons, where they currently have an offer of 2 selected bottles for £1.99. Which is good when you consider that a bottle of Smirnoff Ice on its own is £1.85 – the second one effectively costs 14p. Nice.
After not participating in a downing competition, we headed for Livingstone’s for the R’n’B night. Since it hasn’t been all that popular lately (as most of the people in Bradford who enjoy R’n’B music are muslim, and muslims aren’t supposed to drink alcohol), they had free entry before 11pm (saving £2) and your first drink free (saving £1.80). So I didn’t spend all that much. Despite these offers, it was still fairly quiet in there, unlike some of the Wednesdays before Christmas when it’s been almost packed solid.
As it was, I came home early – one of my friends decided she was bored (and she had to be up for lectures this morning) so I walked home with her just after midnight and got a good night’s sleep, bearing in mind that I’ll probably be out tonight too, so I’ll need some energy. Unfortunately, one of us has lost her keycard for getting in – I’m pretty sure that I gave it back but she’s saying otherwise. What’s worse is that they cost £30 to replace, and my conscience is leaning towards some kind of contribution to that, seeing as it may be my fault that it’s gone missing. So much for saving my money :(.
Anyway, I’m off into town now to put in the first film from my new camera for developing. I had intended to do it before lunch, but I got to the bottom of the hill and realised I hadn’t actually got the film with me. Which was rather daft of me.
I’m hoping tonight will be a good night. I’ve checked all of the train times and running information and there’s nothing to suggest that I’ll have problems getting there, despite the heavy snow that has been falling on the Penines these past few days. Let’s just hope that’s the case.

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