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Inappropriate Disability

Logging in today, I found that one entry had not one, not two, but 11 comments posted to it, all of which were the same. I imagine someone clicked the button, waited, and then clicked it again since nothing happened, and ended up doing this several times.
As a result, the comment posting forms now have a message advising you to press the button once, and once only. My server may be slow but it isn’t forgetful.
I was hoping to add a script that disabled the ‘Post’ button once you’d clicked on it, but it didn’t want to work. If anyone knows how to integrate this with MT’s BakeCookie system, I’d be most greatful.
I also fixed an issue with the commenting form not remembering your details, even if you tick the box to remember them. In fact, I now have a ‘beta blog’ loaded into MT with the default templates, so if I mess something up then I can always cut and paste from that and ‘roll-back’ to something that works.


  1. This post didn’t remember my details 🙁

  2. It should now though, it just remembered mine.