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Too Much Highlighting

I’m staying in today. The weather outside is awful – the rain is coming down diagonally and it’s freezing. I got drenched when going out to by a paper earlier on. So to pass the time, I might as well do some blog tweaking.
While perusing The Girlie Matters, I noticed that it had MTRefSearch enabled. This is, of course, a plug-in that Richy messed up improved, but it won’t run on this blog because I use the old-style BerkeleyDB files instead of mySQL (or PostgreSQL, which is one of the new features of Movable Type 2.6 and is supported by my host).
Fortunately, Textism has the answer in the form of Google Hilite. This will work on any page, not just MT-powered blogs, as long as you have PHP on the server. It’s not the same as MTRefSearch – all it does is highlight the terms on the page that match the search, rather than give a list of related articles to the search in question, but it’s better than nothing.
I actually hinted at installing it a month ago, since the Referral script is also a Textism production (and it’s due to have its databases flushed again – they’re already up to 2.5MB 🙁 ), but it’s taken me until today to actually get around to it. It’s amazing what rainy days can do to productivity.
Of course, what does my media player give me? “Too Much Rain” by the United Deejays. Except this isn’t too much rain over paradise, sadly.
Just as I hit submit, it started snowing. And we’re talking serious snow here. Typical how Bradford is the last place to get any snow in the country.


  1. I’m actually planning on improving MT-RefSearch to offer that sort of functionality and to integrate slightly better with the default MT search functionality – but I’m currently stressed for time (hence why I’ve tried to have a “blogging free weekend”: but the Columbia disaster meant that I was watching the news all day yesterday – from 3pm to 12.10am: only stopping when Baddiel+Skinner came on and then I went to bed).
    And whatcha mean “messed up”? 🙂 Remember – I know where you live, where you study and I’ll probably be seeing you shortly….