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Stats Time Again

Although I forgot to do them last month, I’ll do what I did at the end of November and go through my stats.

During January I had a total of 73 218 hits, or 10 191 visits – that averages out at 2361 hits/328 visits per day. This month has seen 840MB of traffic (more than 3 times as much as in November).

The most popular article by far was MSN Messenger Plus 2.0, with 1519 hits. That page alone generated 38MB of traffic. The second most popular was the Create a fart post about a site I found via BlogDex (it was the second most popular in November and the most popular in December); Apple Safari, BlogDex Findings (November’s most popular) and Shareaza were the third, fourth and fifth most popular respectively. The guestbook was the most popular non-blog page, which takes the crown away from the webcam which was top of the chart previously. provided the bulk of my referrals (2052 of them, or 2.8% of all hits), with in second place with 743, or 1.01%. The ODP came in with 176 referrals, probably because this site is in my editor profile, and 133 people found their way here from eBay. The Rez Vibrator article on is still bringing in hits, but this has gone down to 153. Richy C managed to send across 71 people. Only 44 people got here by visiting the old site.

“create a fart” is still the most popular search term, with 354 referrals. “msn messenger plus” clocks in next with 285, followed by “apple safari” at 200. Other interesting terms are “linux uptime”, “alcohol withdrawal” (not something I have a problem with), “hubzilla”, “riaa hack”, “googlism” and “trance vibrator rez sale”.

Most of you are still using M$ IE6, but Gecko-based browsers come in second, though that’s probably because I use Mozilla. The third most popular user agent is the GoogleBot, having made over 6 000 hits and accounted by 8.5% of my total traffic. Google obviously likes me 🙂

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