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Not another redesign…

Yes, the design has changed again. I really didn’t like the old one, to be honest – I felt it looked rather cluttered and messy.
This design is loosely based on Textism, and sees the Tahoma font being replaced by a combination of Georgia and Trebuchet MS (or an equivalent font). It didn’t take that long to do, since almost all of the formatting is now controlled by CSS, so most of the work involved changing the style sheet, which incidentally has been rewritten from scratch.
While it’s still not perfect, I’m happy with it. There may be a few more tweaks as time goes on, but for the most part it’s done, bar a couple of pages that aren’t finished yet.


  1. To be honest, I prefered the old redesign. This one seems “too white” to me and seems to give the impression that any moment now something will load to give it a bit more colour.

  2. i like this design, but the old design wasn’t cluttered, in my opinion. it looked like you had cool stuff to go to, see, etc. :-/ can you breed the two designs together?
    although, i do say you MUST keep the last bullet of the comment notes down there. 😛