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Back up your MT files!

I’m not a big reader of Ain’t too proud to blog, but I did take a look today to see if Robyn had posted anything about yesterday’s space shuttle mishap. Sure enough, she has.
Anyway, in the entry before that one, she posts a timely reminder to back up your MT files (that’s your templates and your entries), just in case your database files go belly up. It’s based on an original article from The Girlie Matters, a blog that I’ve never read before, but one that looks quite good.
This is particularly important for me since I only have 20MB space, and it’s likely I’m going to run out soon. However, the quota counter has been clobbered for some months now – it’s been stuck at 5.16MB. I’m tempted to download everything to my HD and then measure how much space it’s taking up.
Of course, if I do run out of space, I can top it up to 50MB, but then I’ll have pay another £24 per year on top of the £37 I pay already (but it was a £37 well spent, IMO). But it’s better to be safe than sorry.


  1. Hmmm, it’s an idea. I suppose I can fiddle the DNS to point to a different server if need be >:-).

  2. Glad I could be of service! 🙂