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NASA Shuttle Tragedy

As you may now know, the Space Shuttle Columbia has disintegrated on re-entry, killing all 7 astronauts on board. My thoughts with the families of those killed.

(read thoughts from bunda, Ben Hammersley, Richy C, Meredith and Andy)


Chris has an interesting viewpoint on the subject, and you can do much worse than monitor BlogDex, which, at the time of writing (10pm UTC), has the first 8 articles all on the subject. Metafilter is a useful source of coverage too, but stay clear of alt.prophecies.nostradamus where the end of the world is being predicted (again).

My thoughts:

  • It was a tragic accident
  • I seriously doubt it has anything to do with terrorism
  • It’s possible that someone’s to blame, but let’s wait for an official report
  • The fact it happened not longer after the anniversary of the Challenger explosion was a mere coincidence

All in all, ’tis a sad day.


  1. News: Space Shuttle Columbia Breaks Up II

    Continued coverage of the news that the Space Shuttle Columbia has “gone”.

  2. I just want to send out my prayers to the families of the shuttle tragedy.just to let you know, your family members were brave people and will always be remembered.when i first heard and seen that horrible accident on the news i really just took a moment and cried a few tears. loosing a loved one is the worst thing in the world. you will get through it and i hope you do.thanks for reading this
    sincerely Jessica/Melissa