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Uneventful days

The past few days have passed without much of an event, hence the general lack of posts. So here’s an update to what’s been happening in my life lately.

I didn’t go out on Wednesday night because most people were going with their respective societies, and as yet, us Computing students haven’t got ourselves sorted with a decent social schedule. Hopefully I’ll be out tonight, although there’s quite a few people going home/elsewhere this weekend so it may be a little quiet.
My timetable appears to have finally settled down – I’m no longer getting ‘urgent: timetable change’ emails so the one I have now should hopefully be the definitive one. It does mean that I’m timetabled a whopping 5 hours of lectures today – 4 of which are consective and in the same room and the latter 3 being the same module. However the lecturer has assured everyone that the lecture will not last quite that long, and it had better not do.
It does mean my first lecture starts in an hour, so I’ll be nipping off to get ready shortly.
My third debit card arrived on Wednesday, and this time it actually works; I even checked to make sure. Actually, by staying in for the past week, I’ve spent considerably less money than normal, so hopefully I won’t be quite so over-budget as I was last term (which was to the tune of £200, if you’re interested). I know, I’m from Yorkshire and therefore supposed to be stingy, but hey, when there’s a will, there’s a chocolate bar. Or several…
The next trip to Leeds looks like it’s being planned already: Friday 14th Feb, or two weeks today. Myself and two others of my friends both joined Creation’s membership scheme, and we each got 9 free entry vouchers for that night, making a total of 27. It also happens to be Valentine’s Day, so if they decide to play soppy love songs, I imagine they’ll be restricted to just the one room, so that those who aren’t attached can go to one of the two other rooms. I’ve also invited Tom over for that night; in turn, he’s invited me to go out in Manchester with him sometime soon. It may even be this week, but I’ll tell you more nearer the time.
Tomorrow the Computing department has the second of its three open days, and, like last time, I’ve volunteered to help, on the basis that I’ve already done it and have learned from my mistakes last time. And that I have little else better to do. Which means that if I do go to the FND tonight, I can’t get absolutely hammered. Ah well, at least it’ll save more money.
A couple of other things: the ODP has finally generated a new RDF dump – the first time since September (this is what the Google Web Directory is based on) and the latest beta of Spybot S&D has an ‘Immunise’ option that prevents 168 ActiveX components from being loaded (so that you can stop them from infecting you in the first place, rather than clearing up afterwards). What’s more, instead of replacing JavaCool’s SpywareBlaster, it complements it and recommends that both are enabled for full protection. Which is awfully nice of it.
Anyway, time I had a shower before my lectures start. See you later.

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