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More Like This From Others

I decided to make myself a more active part of the blogosphere, by installing David Raynes’ More Like This From Others and Pinged URLs plug-ins for MT. What this means is that if you ping me, and you also have MLTFO installed, it will show a list of related entries on your blog as well as the entry you pinged me with. It also means that if I ping you, instead of just showing the URL that I pinged, it will actually link to your article and pull the article excerpt from it.
This, of course, has absolutely nothing to do with David pinging one of my earlier posts, and that of the 3 blogs he pinged, mine was the only one without MLTFO installed. No, absolutely not. How dare you think such a thing? 🙂

One Comment

  1. You do not actually have to have MTLFO installed for another blog to be able to use it on you. It works with Trackback, RSS feeds, and Categories to get all of its information.