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Dobby, the Russian President

This is, quite frankly, bizarre. London’s Evening Standard reports that a Russian law firm may sue Warner Brothers, because the character of Dobby the House Elf looks like Vladimir Putin, the current president of Russia.

On the off chance that the law firm actually reads this, I’d like to point out why this is good. Firstly, Dobby is always loyal to his master. He is very polite, and will try to protect his master from danger. And he’s just generally a cool guy. Surely you’d want to be portrayed as being like this?

Okay, so he’s generally unclean, a little annoying and has an unhealthy obsession with socks, but hey, doesn’t every guy like novelty socks? I certainly do, even though I only got one pair for Christmas (which I’m incidentally wearing now).

Besides, Dobby could use his magic to kick Putin’s arse any day ;).

Note: LawMeme also has coverage, and you can read my review of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, if you so wish.

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  1. I am a duma that comparison Dobby and our president, this simply foolishness, possible find else 100 people, to which similars this personage.