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Depressing Trackback

My trackback statistics depress me slightly. Over the past 20 days, I’ve had all of 5 pings, and all of them are from beebware. Ping me, dangit!
You may also be interested in this petition: “Licensing of Live Music in England and Wales“. You must be a UK citizen to sign it, but I strongly recommend you do. If the law is changed, bars that have live music without a special license may be fined up to £20 000 or their owners sent to prison for 6 months, which is kinda stupid, IMO. Thanks to Vick, a friend from college who I met up with again recently, for forwarding that link.


  1. Haven’t we already got a licencing bill like that in affect? I can remember my old primary school (so this is going back a fair few years) having a little plaque above the community centre door which proclaimed that it was “licences for the serving of alcoholic beverages and the performance of live music”.
    I don’t suppose you’ve got any more details about this (what is the “two in a bar” rule/what are the specific proposals etc etc). I’m all for signing a petition, but I like to know what exactly I’m signing for before hand.
    I’ve only had 3 trackbacks in the last 20 days 🙁 5 in the last 23…

  2. Well if you do insist on using MT which is not supported on blogger, then we bloggies can’t ping you 🙂
    Can’t get MT working on my scum of a hosting provider and I’m not sure when/how I’m going to switch.

  3. Andy – try using b2 from . It’s nearly as good as MT and uses PHP rather than Perl.
    Richy – I think so, but these changes will affect smaller pubs and bars too.