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There is still hope yet…

I just got my marks back from my HCI coursework that I did before Crimbo: 19/20. That’s 95%!!! Wooo! 😀
I didn’t expect to get that much, especially as other people I’ve spoken to haven’t done as well. But that now means I only have to get 30% on my HCI exam (which I took two weeks ago) to pass the module, which is a huge relief as I don’t think I did quite so well in that exam.
In other life-ish news, my replacement debit card still hasn’t arrived, so just in case I do end up going out tonight I went to the Post Office to get some more cash. I got £50 out last Tuesday and still had just over £10 today, which isn’t too bad I guess.
I also got a gift from New Internationalist magazine. I’d taken out an annual subscription last year after I was talked into it by a fellow student, on the promise that I wouldn’t have to pay for the first 3 issues – I could cancel after the third issue had arrived and not pay anything.
I’d noticed that after the second issue arrived, my account had been debited for the annual fee – nearly £30, and was intending to write to them and complain. However, this morning a large envelope arrived, with an apologetic letter, explaining that the money had been reimbersed. They also included a selection of photographic postcards as a goodwill gesture. Which was nice of them.

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