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FND 2003

So last night was the first FND of 2003. And it was a good one, too – reasonable selection of music and plenty of friends to go along with. In fact, I was there for almost the full 4 hours that it was open for, which is probably a record.
The music was alright, for once – sometimes there is some really naff stuff played. This time there was a decent trance set (including Jurgen Vries :D), and apart from “Love Shack” by the B52s (a song I hate with a passion), most of the other music was alright too.
It was a sell-out, apparently. I nearly didn’t get a ticket – I had to go out and buy one a couple of hours in advance to make sure I could get in, and there weren’t that many left.
So, today’s been a quiet day. This morning some upgrades were done to the power supply in one of the buildings where some of the university servers live, and although the work was supposedly finished by 9:30am this morning, for some time afterwards I was unable to browse any web sites outside of the university intranet. So obviously I couldn’t post any updates.
Tonight will be a quiet night in. I’ve had 18 hours sleep over the past 3 days – normally I get that over 2, so I’ll be having an early night.

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