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Last week, I bit the bullet and upgraded to Windows Media Player 9 Series, now that it’s out of beta. It seems like it was worth it – the UI is nicer (especially the colour changer), and it seems to load quicker.
Anyway, Microsoft has launched – a well-designed site for downloading plugins for use with Windows Media Player. And what’s more, when put through the W3C Validator, it only has 16 errors. Most of those can be solved with a few minor changes too. It even uses XHTML.
Compare this with MS’ homepage, which looks awful (sorry MS) and has 116 errors in HTML 4.01 – and even then, you have to use a DocType override to get it to validate. The Web Standards Project has already slagged it off, since it looks useless in Lynx and is unusable by people with disabilities. And to think MS are actually members of W3C…

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