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Not the best way to prepare for an exam

Well, here I am, back in Bradford, and this time it’s for real. After a quiet morning on the net, I packed up, had an early lunch and then set off. I managed to get all of my stuff into my laptop case (cleverly disguised as a rucksack), my large hold-all bag (with wheels) plus another bag, which considering how many clothes I’ve brought is quite an achievement, really.

My parents’ house is conviniently situated next to a bus stop, where there is a half hour service which drops you off outside the station, so I didn’t need to walk in or take a taxi. Walking normally takes 45 minutes without all this stuff to carry; add it on and it would have taken over the hour, especially as I have to go up York’s one and only steep hill. Since my cash is somewhat restricted (thanks to that darn ATM), I decided not to take a taxi.
Strangely, I don’t use the public buses much now – I used to use them every day when coming home from secondary school (my parents would drop me off on their way to work in the mornings), but I started walking home over the last 2 terms, and with college being at the end of the road there was no need to take a bus. Since then (this was 3 years ago now), the buses have improved – all of them have been replaced with brand spanking new vehicles and the routes have been more cleverly devised, with some areas having a 10 minute service. Sadly that’s not us, but there’s a Park and Ride at the end of the road which is more frequent, and it’s only 10 minutes walk. It’s great for going into town since you don’t have to wait too long if you miss a bus to get home.
But anyway, I’m at the station, and the train’s not due for another half hour (there was one I could catch but that left 5 minutes before I got there, and there was absolutely no way I was changing at Leeds to get an earlier train with all of this luggage). So I sat down and waited.
Anyway, train comes, and an hour later I’m in Bradford again. I did decide to take a taxi at this point because I have no idea what bus I’d need to catch, and it’s not that far anyway; I managed to walk it in 20 minutes with my hold-all last Wednesday. It’s just that I was going downhill then…
Taxi was actually less than I expected, but then I’m used to catching them at stupid o’clock in the morning when they usually charge more. Anyway, I unpacked, and got back down to some more internet stuff. incidentally my duvet cover seems to have gone missing at home – no matter where I’ve looked, I can’t find it. So I’m using the same cover off my bed at home.
I watched TV for a bit, including the news about the increase in University tuition fees, which I have mixed feelings about (though not asking for upfront fees is a step in the right direction). I then went to see some of my friends, most of whom have finished their exams, so were intending to go out celebrating tonight. So I thought I’d join them.
Of course, this wasn’t to be any old night. We went to Creation in Leeds again (the last time was at the end of November), and I have to say I had a great night. And unlike last time it wasn’t that expensive either: £2 rail ticket, £4 contribution to the taxi home, £2 to get in and a total of £3.60 on drinks (of which there were 3). I’ve had more expensive nights in Bradford which don’t compare to this.
There was one problem though: my lab test today. I honestly would not recommend going out clubbing the night before an exam. As it is, I’m feeling alright this morning (despite having trouble sleeping), and the test isn’t until 3:30pm, but had I drunk more of the £1.20 alcopops I may have not been saying the same thing (I wish they were that cheap in Bradford…).
Anyway, revision is the order of the day. I’m semi-confident, but I will need to refresh my head as I’ve had precious little time with Java over the 6 weeks since the end of last term. Public static void main string[argv] throws IOException?

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