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First MS Security bulletin of 2003

Microsoft has issued the first security bulletin of the new year: Unchecked Buffer in Locator Service Could Lead to Code Execution (810833). It applies to Windows NT 4.0, 2000 and XP, and the risk rating varies from ‘moderate’ to ‘critical’ depending on whether you are using your computer as a server or not.
A patch is available, either as a separate download or via Windows Update. It doesn’t require a reboot to install, either.


  1. Well, I’ve just had a security bulletin (810487) for Microsoft Content Management Server 2001 (Moderate: Information Disclosure – I guess it wasn’t managing the content _that_ well then), another (812262) for Microsoft Outlook 2002 (Moderate: Information Disclosure: it sends encrypted emails in plain text), another one (309376) which is a revision of Windows 2000/XP’s moderate modification of group policy fault AND then I also got Windows NT4/2000 and XP’s critical risk “Run code of the attacker’s choice” (810833).
    All those alerts were sent in a 2 hour block this morning: so does Microsoft save up the warnings and issue a block at a time, or were 4 major bugs really “fixed” at the same time… I think we should be told.

  2. Yep, I got those too, again in a block this morning. One was a revision of an existing patch, though.