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PayPal to accept Switch and Solo

Just got an email from Billpoint, who currently provide payment facilities for eBay UK for those wanting to pay by Switch and Solo cards, that this is now being moved across to PayPal (and so Billpoint will no longer be an option). Which is great news!
This now means I can actually buy stuff online with PayPal, since I don’t have a credit card or a US bank account. So in a couple of weeks, I should be able to buy things like Trillian Pro, the LangaList Plus Edition, a premium BlogRolling account, and other cool schtuff :).
Of course, that’s if my replacement Switch card arrives – yes, that was what got eaten by the machine today :(.


  1. Trillian Pro is cool, I just which the RSS plugin (News) was slightly more reliable though. It’s slightly difficult to get the “look” of Trillian Pro to what I had Trillian running in, but I’ve managed it and it even looks a bit better. I recommend getting the “Notification” plugin as well.
    I’ve already got a Blogrolling premium account, but I haven’t got round to using any of the features yet – but the MovableType registration “update key” helps entice a few more victims^H^H^H^H^H visitors to my blog.
    Yep, I’m trying to make you jealous! 🙂

  2. Hey i registered with PPal and tried to buy stuff on Ebay but you have to be a member and to register you need to give a Visa or Mastercard no??! any help plz?? anyone??