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Mozzie things

A couple of mozzie things:

  1. The Mozilla tree will be locked down at 8am tomorrow morning UTC, ready for the Mozilla 1.3 beta release. If all goes well, that will be out on Friday. 😀
  2. If you’re using Mozilla or Phoenix, click on this link. Not seen that before? It’s a list of elements in your Mozilla preferences file. And, if you have a recent nightly build, then you’ll be able to edit those values too. Although the important ones are covered by the Preferences dialog, this allows you to tweak all of the settings. I imagine this will be in the beta too.

Oh, and Mozillazine currently has information about K-Meleon, Chimera and Phoenix development, so check it out.
And the blogrolls are working again :).
edit: Okay, so the ‘click here’ link doesn’t work. Type ‘about:config’ into your address bar and you’ll get the same effect.


  1. Mozilla 1.3b won’t be released until these blockers are fixed:,144027,169777,181293,182373,182842,184122,186132,187749,187996,190083
    Some nice things that you’ll see in Moz 1.3b over 1.3a are automatic image resizing, dynamic profile switching, popup whitelisting, chatzilla config menus, domain guessing (adding www. & .com), rewritten Helper applications config, keyboard navigation config, toolbar grippies are back, GRE and lots of bugfixes for annoying little quirks and crashers.
    There is also one security flaw that is yet to be fixed and is restricted to the privledged that can be seen here:
    This is marked as a blocker for 1.3b and will make it into 1.3b.

  2. Ah, thanks. Nice to see that they are taking security seriously, even in the betas.