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Exasperating Day

I’ve had a bit of an exasperating day. I had a haircut appointment at 11am, but because I figured I wouldn’t have enough money I decided to call off at the cashpoint on the way. And guess what? The machine ate my card. I entered my PIN number, selected to withdraw £20, then waited for card to come out. It whirred and clicked, but no card. Then it whirred and clicked again, and again, before it started beeping. Then the beeping stopped and ‘Next Customer Please’ flashed up. No card, and no money either. Humph.
The people in the shop couldn’t help me either, so I decided to undertake plan ‘B’, my post office account. I had to dash home, as it was already 10:45am, pick up my account book and then quickmarch over to the post office, get some more cash (£30 as I figured I’d be without my card for a while), and then get to the hairdressers, where I just made it in time.
Anyway, this afternoon I decided to head off into town to get this thing sorted. Fortunately the people at the Davygate branch of Halifax in York were very helpful and organised to have a new card sent to me at my university address (since I’m going back there, for real, tomorrow).
Thing is, as this money has to stretch a little farther than normal, I decided to be extra-stingy and walk in, rather than pay £2.10 for a bus. And now my legs are absolutely killing me. Ironically as I was walking in, I passed that dreaded cash machine – it had an ‘Out of Order’ sign in front of it. Yeah, now you tell me.

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