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33rd longest uptime: Windows 2000?

OnlineBlog is carrying a post about NetCraft’s top 50 – the 50 internet servers with the longest uptimes (time since the last reboot). While it is dominated by Apache-based BSD systems, #33 stands out. It’s a Windows 2000 machine running Microsoft IIS 5.0, and it’s been up since November 2000 – or 2 years and 3 months. While that’s not as long as a Linux server I wrote about in November, which has been running for 3 years and 4 months, it’s still very impressive for a Windows systems.

Mind you, now that this has hit news sites such as the Sydney Morning Herald, it’ll probably only a matter of time before someone tries to shut it down. After all, think of all of the security patches MS has released over the past 2 years, remembering that generally these require a reboot to take effect. But I guess if the server is configured correctly, there’s no reason why it can’t stay running for so long.

Meanwhile Mac fans will be happy to know that an Apache server running on Mac OS X has been running for only just short of 3 years (1069 days). I don’t think Mac OS X was available 3 years ago, so I imagine this is actually Darwin OS, which is the Unix core of OS X.


  1. Sounds very fishy to me – if it has stayed up that long, then how have they patched it to have the latest security updates? If they haven’t done that – then how come they’ve not been hacked yet?

  2. Probably because it’s behind a Linux-based firewall 🙂

  3. That’s nothing my PDC is a dell poweredge 2100 running nt4.0 and it has been on 6 years. When you break that it’s I think 2,190 days and a mine blowing 52,560 hours.

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