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Well, 1.0.2 installed pretty much without a hitch, which is good. What’s more, I finally managed to find this: the Dictionary Installer. It’s a clever little program that downloads and installs non-US language dictionaries – great for British people like me who like our colours, centres and aluminium.
It also has French and German, and other languages. I wish I’d had this when I was doing my French coursework – of course to do this in MS Office would require buying a language pack. Err… not likely. In fact, German comes in at least 6 different flavours, depending on which dialect you want. Neat.
By the way, I’m aware that the blogrolls aren’t working at the moment. I think this is a problem with BlogRolling, but we shall see.


  1. From the homepage (posted 2003-01-18-00:06) >>Just a heads up that I am aware that the new version of PHP (4.3.0) breaks the RAW Blogrolling code that I have here on the site…. <<

  2. Thanks for the info about the dictionary installer, now I know how to install English (UK) on OOo. Not that it matters since my StarOffice 6 CD has all the language packs but the dictionary tool does detect StarOffice as an OOo install. Speaking of which, StarOffice Product Update 2 has been out since November 17th 2002 and it should have all the same bugfixes for common components/features that OO 1.0.2 has.
    I know PP1 for StarOffice and OO 1.0.1 had the same fixes. PP1 was out a bit over a month before OO 1.0.1. The following link is the PU2 info for StarOffice.

  3. Actually beebs, I saw that message a while ago, and the blogrolls were still working.