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DMOZ Promotion

I’ve just received another ODP promotion! You may remember I was promoted to ‘Editall’ last April (which was completely unexpected). Well, today I now have ‘catmv’ priviledges!
This means I can move categories around, and rename existing categories, without asking for someone else to do them. I guess that the powers that be noticed that I was making a lot of requests, so they gave me this permission to keep me quiet ;).
Oooh… I’m so happy!!!

One Comment

  1. “Hmm, the catmv force is strong in this one, but he may still be lured to the Dork side if all my IP addresses are belonging to him…”
    Congratulations Neil and well done! 🙂 Meta next eh? Interestingly enough, when I became catmv (which, if I recall, was around 6 hours after I became editall 🙂 ), the ODP catmv system was working. Within seconds of you becoming catmv, it’s stopped…. Draw your own conclusions 😉