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HCI Post Mortem

So what was the exam like? Alright, I guess. I could have done with doing a lot more revision – although I answered most of the questions some were just blind guessing. But I coped better than I thought I might, and I’m confident that I’ve at least passed.
Anyhow, now that I’ve finished that exam, I’m going back home again. My lab test isn’t until next Thursday, so there’s no real point in spending a week here with nothing to do. I may come back a little earlier though, since more people are here than I expected, but after next Thursday I’ll be back here until sometime in February at the earliest.
Interestingly today’s issue of EducationGuardian has an article on so-called “mickey mouse” degrees – degrees in obscure subjects that don’t really give their graduates any hope in the labour market. I do have to agree somewhat – how exactly will a degree in The Simpsons help you in life?
Bradford, the university I’m at, takes a very different approach – it only offers degrees that have near-definite employment prospects. Like the latest course from the Department of Cybernetics: BSc Internet, Law and Society – lawyers with an understanding of the internet are like hot cakes at the moment.

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  1. Quiet you, you know you passed. 😛