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A new feature on this blog comes in the form of ComeBack, based on an idea by David Raynes. It allows comments to be sent to posts in the same way that trackback pings are currently sent; the idea being that if you were reading a post via another site (or perhaps via a news agregator like NetNewsWire or AmphetaDesk), you would be able to submit comments from the application and have them appear on the blog.
While take-up will almost certainly be quite slow, it seems like the near feature, and with a bit of luck future MT releases will include it as standard.
You can download it from David’s site, where full installation instructions are given. And yes, that was me who initially couldn’t get it working – one of the 4 files necessary to get it working was missing from the archive, effectively locking me out of MT until I disabled it. It’s fixed now, anyway.
Another enhancement is the addition of a list of related entries on each entry page – this is another vain attempt to get people browsing around the site a bit more, and comes courtesy of the related entries plugin. It’s used by several other Movable Typers so it should work fine…

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