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The Brit Awards

I don’t often talk about music, mainly because I tend to listen to trance where most of the artists are faceless DJs who produce the odd single and little more. But I thought I’d offer a few words about the Brit Awards (the British version of the Gramaphone Awards in the US), of which the nominess were announced today.
So what do I think? Alright. With the exception of the ‘Best Single’ award, where all of the acts are manufactured and only one (Atomic Kitten) wasn’t generated from a TV show, most of the acts nominated are actually worthy of winning.
However it’ll be interesting to see whether the ‘decent’ acts or nominated, or those which have hiked in the most cash for the music industry. Remember how Craig David won nothing a couple of years ago, despite having 5 nominations? That’s because he’d been turned down by all of the major labels, then signed to an independent label and became very successful, denying the big names of a large amount of cash that they could have got if they’d signed him.

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