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Contact pruning

I now have a whopping 87 contacts on Trillian, spread across ICQ, MSN, AOL and Yahoo, even when counting people who use more than 1 network (so if I have you down for both ICQ and AIM you’ll only be counted once). This is an accumulation over 3 1/2 years, from back when I started using MSN when the network was first launched. Incidentally I had used Yahoo and AIM previously but I don’t have any of those contacts still on my list.

Anyway, until today I actually had more, but I managed to remove a few. There were some people who I didn’t even know, and from my logs hadn’t even chatted to (I have logs of all conversations made since June 2002 logged on here, and even older logs are on my parent’s computer). Then there were the random people who I briefly said ‘hi’ to but have not spoken to since, and the people who keep changing their MSN address and so I end up with 4 different contacts. Fortunately having logs can help you deduce which address was used most recently, unless of course they are online, in which case you can just ask them I imagine.

The ability to group contacts together is very useful, and I’m glad that both Trillian and the official MSN client support this. Although most of my AOL, ICQ and Yahoo contacts are ODP editors, most of my MSN contacts are not, so I now have three groups: College, Uni and Misc. College is for all of my friends from college, Uni for the people I live with and misc for the 23 other people that don’t fall into either of those.

Yes, I know, it’s sad that I use MSN to talk to people rather than walking down the corridor to talk to them. But there you go.

Interestingly Yahoo is the network that I have the fewest contacts on, and in fact all my Yahoo contacts are reachable via other networks, which probably means they’re all using Trillian. Says something, doesn’t it?


  1. I have over 120+ contacts on my AIM list alone…total I think I have roughly 140-165 people on my Trillian/GAIM list. I think I should prune down, but I doubt I will. 🙂
    The sad thing is that I have people on my floor on my contact list, and I talk to them more through internet then in real life.
    Silly, silly Internet.

  2. Hey, don’t worry. It’s taken me months to get around to some pruning. It’s only because I’m in the ‘I’ll do anything but revise for my exam’ mode.