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RIAA Hack – follow up

The news of the RIAA hack didn’t really hit the newstands as much as I’d expected, with Google News only showing two sites with articles about it. Still, it means you can read contributions from The Register and NeoWin.
incidentally, this was the fourth time the RIAA has been hacked in as many months – you’d have thought by now they’d have upgraded to a better server solution. Or are they loosing so much money through file trading that even installing Linux and setting it up to run Apache is beyond their budget?
Of course, the RIAA could just back down and offer some real alternatives to file sharing, like high-quality, reliable downloads. Like Emusic, for example. But of course, they won’t.
Meanwhile an older Register article tells you how one of the previous attacks was sussed out. It’s quite simple actually, which makes the webmaster at the RIAA seem even more braindead.

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