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Back to Bradford: the first 2 hours

2:50pm Pull into the halls car park. The car park is quite full, and there are a few other people around moving back in. My parents start to empty the car, while I go in to check if any mail has arrived.
2:55pm Finally finish rumaging through the huge pile of mail to find two letters to me – one from the BCS and the other from TV Licensing. Sigh of relief that I’m now legally allowed to use a TV and that my membership application went through, and grumble at other people with a ‘T’ surname who still seem incapable of picking up their mail.
3:10pm Everything is now in my room, parents leave. Quick grumble about the immense amount of stuff that needs tidying away.
3:25pm Unpack my food in the kitchen. Realise I’ve left some bread in a cupboard for about 6 weeks. Bread is chucked out without even looking at it, along with some medieval Weetabix. Kick myself for not checking before I went away.
3:30pm Have unpacked and set up the TV. Grumble about the aerial booster making precious little improvement – the TV signal has now gone from ‘naff’ to ‘slightly less naff’.
3:40pm Get stereo unpacked and set up. Turn it on to clear the silence.
3:41pm Realise that what’s on the radio is naff. Put a CD on.
3:50pmStart assembling my flatpack printer table.
4:20pm Finish assembling printer table, after dropping my father’s electric screwdrivers everywhere. Fortunately do not end up with any spare screws, so it looks like I actually got it right.
4:30pm Get my computer set up. Start clearing up to see what still needs unpacking.
4:40pm Unpack my bedding. Realise that I forgot to bring my duvet cover or any pillow cases. Resort to using spare pillow cases that I fortunately had left over.
4:50pm Finished. Collapse in front of computer with cold Tango Apple.

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