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Updated Contact Page

I’m filing this under ‘Blog Changes’ even though the page isn’t related to the blog, and is in fact the first non-blog page to be properly integrated on the site navigation bar.
Basically (a word I often overuse), I’ve updated the Contact page, so that it matches in with the new look, and also mentions the fact that I’m no longer accepting Yahoo IMs unless you’re already on my contact list. This is because almost all of my recent messages through that network have been spam (no, I won’t look at your webcam, I have enough problems with my own), and no-one ever contacts me that way anyway.
Although I still get spam via ICQ, I’m leaving that open as I do get some good ‘out of the blue’ conversations with people not on my contact list, and it’d be a shame to stop those. Fortunately I tend to not get any spam via MSN or AIM (I don’t publicise my MSN address because I reserve it for people I actually know).

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