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Spot the Gif-erence

Firda’s currently linking to Spot the Gif-erence, a quiz where you are asked to judge whether images are in the GIF or JPEG image formats. It’s quite interesting how the images are displayed – you can’t just do a ‘view source’ to see what format they’re in because you can’t find out.
I got 12/16 – not bad I suppose. I tend to avoid using GIF because of its 256-colour limitation (although I do try to remove unnecessary colours from images since it makes them smaller – you can do this with IrfanView), and because it’s a patented format. In fact the patent owners have been known to ask for royalties.
I tend to use PNG instead – it has better compression than GIF, no colour limitation and is nearly as well-supported, and isn’t patented in any way. The only annoying thing is IE’s poor PNG support – compare this PNG Demo in IE and in a Gecko browser and grovel.
And talking of browsers, those of you using Mac OS X may find this page rather useful. It compares the features of the major GUI browsers for the platform, now including Safari. Thanks to MozillaZine for the link.

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