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Sheffield Shuffling

Today featured a trip to Sheffield, for the third time in 12 months – interesting because normally it’s not somewhere I go to that often. The first time was almost a year ago, when we visited the Millennium Galleries. The second time was an afternoon visit to the nearby Meadowhall shopping centre towards the end of August.
Today, we managed both, but only just. Originally we’d planned to go by train, but because of some engineering work north of York, there is a replacement coach service for trains going north. Unfortunately, York wasn’t really designed for coaches, and in the 5 minutes we spent driving around the station, one coach had got jammed under a footbridge (taking some of its roof with it) and one had knocked over a pillar. That, and the station car park was now a coach park, so we couldn’t park there.
We were on our way home, when Dad volunteered to drive there. So we did, parking the car at Meadowhall and taking the superb Sheffield Supertram into the centre. We had a look at the Winter Gardens, which are just next to the Millennium Gardens but were still being built when we last there. They’re quite impressive, and proved to be a good opportunity to try out my new camera that I got last week. I also got a more powerful aerial for my TV for when I get back to Bradford – the TV reception is lousy, though having to pay £20 for an aerial is a bit pricy, even if it has a built-in signal booster. Ah well.
We went to Ask for lunch, which was the same place that we went to last time, before heading back to Meadowhall for more shopping.
So, tomorrow is the day I return to Bradford. Wish me luck.

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