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RIAA h4x0rD…. Again

The RIAA has had its site hacked… again. It’s the second time I’ve witnessed it hacked – the first was a somewhat more clever hack where several fake news articles were posted, along with a collection of MP3s.
The latest hack is quite amusing – it includes download links to various ‘friendly’ file sharing clients (the ones without spyware) and the following messages:

  • oooh riaa want’s to hack Filesharing Users / Servers ? – better lern to secure your own server…
  • Sorry Admin – had to deactivate ur accounts – they’ll be reactivated after 2 hours

The downloads are even hosted on the RIAA server. Classy.
I managed to save a screenshot for you, click on the picture for it. I did run the code for the W3C validator, but despite specifying a DocType it still had 63 errors.
It underlines why I would never sign up for hosting on a Windows server running MS IIS. incidentally, the site is now down – obviously someone noticed. Or as someone in the IRC channel I was in at the time said, “someone probably pulled the plug out”.


  1. ANY server is only as secure as its admins – even linux box’s get hacked Neil!

  2. That’s true, but Linux boxes tend to come in an initial state that is more secure. Like the fact that most Linux distros come with built-in firewalls, whereas Windows does not.
    But I guess you’re right too…