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Friday Frolicking

Today was the ‘big shop’ in preparation for the return to Bradford on Sunday, which involves taking two rather large boxes of food, drink and household things back to University with me. It’s mostly full of meat and sauces, since that’s what my diet generally consists of.
I also dug out the spare mobile phone we get about 2 1/2 years ago. When my mum first got her Nokia 5110, we also got a cheap Sagem phone, with each phone on a different tariff. The Nokia had free minutes during the day, and the Sagem in the evenings. However, after 1 year, we were told we couldn’t have this tariff any longer, so we moved onto one that gave us fewer free minutes at any time. We put this onto the Nokia phone, which left the Sagem useless.
Anyway, I decided that I could do something about this phone. I could have sold it on eBay, but to be honest it’s hardly worth much (who’d want an ugly brick phone with only a 2-line display? Heck, you can’t even play Snake on it…), so I’ve popped it in a freepost envelope and sent it to XStronix. They have a deal with Tesco that allows ClubCard customers to recycle their old mobile phones in return for points on their card – 250 to be exact, which is the equivalent of spending £250 at a Tesco store, and gets you £2.50 of your shopping. Nice. Tesco also donates £2.50 to a charity of your choice. My old Alcatel phone had the same fate just before Christmas, but it appears I didn’t blog about it. Strange.
If you’re wondering about my current eBay auctions, no, I still don’t have any bids yet. If I can, I may lower the prices to get them to sell.

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