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Pulsating Proxies

NTL’s servers have been acting up, with some web sites not working as they should. I first noticed it late last night but it’s persisted throughout today, making sites like Google and Multimap inaccessable. It’s not the first time it’s happened, though last time I was able to fix it by using a different NTL proxy sever. Sadly, it looks like all of NTL’s broadband servers are having the same issue (probably a central thing), based on a quick scan of the NTHellWorld forums, so it means I’ve had to resort to using the list of proxies that saved my bacon in September.
In other news, I decided to add Brian to the blogroll, since he actually updates his blog now and again. It’s now been nearly 4 months since Randy last updated his :(.
And if you’re interested, this is the third post in 2 days to feature the word ‘bacon’.

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