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Ben Hammersley’s latest Guardian article (mirrored here) talks about FOAF, an XML/RDF-based technology for creating social networks via the internet. It’s interesting for two reasons:

  • It mentions the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon CGI script, that one of the ODP programmers knocked together (for examples, try Michael Caine or Jack Nicholson)
  • FOAF is something that I’ve thought about implementing, but haven’t. This is because I don’t want to reveal my friends’ email addresses without their permission, and not all my friends have websites, never mind their own FOAF files. Ben has his, as does Mark Pilgrim, but they are the only two bloggers that I’ve seen who actually have them.

It’s like the Shareaza thing – great idea, shame about the implementation. But I imagine as more people get involved it will become popular. That’s the problem with social networks: you need people.

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