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To round off a day full of posts about new programs, here’s what I have to say about Shareaza. It’s a P2P client, as recommended by SpyWareInfo since it doesn’t include any annoying parasites.
The program itself is impressive – dead easy to use, but powerful at the same time. The user interface is wonderful, looking like a proper XP application, and even has the ability to be skinned. It comes with a few sample skins with more available from the web site.
The sting in the tail? The network. Shareaza is a Gnutella2 client, which does mean that it is able to iron out most of the problems with the old Gnutella system (such as rampant virii), and I can give it kudos for that. But it’s so empty – I couldn’t find any of the songs I wanted, even though most are readily available on my current favourite, WinMX.
It’s a shame – Shareaza is such a nice program to use, whereas WinMX’s interface looks as if no-one has touched it since 1996. Admittedly the last major revision did improve things slightly but it’s still butt ugly. Gnucleus, an open-source Gnutella client for Windows, seems to suffer the same problem – nice UI, shame about the network.


  1. Try Kazaa-Lite – – it’s Kazaa without the spyware and adware and WITH some additions (such as the handy Sig2Dat plugin which you can use on sites such as to find “matches” to what you are looking for).

  2. NO NO NO do not use Kazaa-Lite. it’s full of virii-ridden songs and programs. i’ve heard the best — though ‘virtually’ unheard of — is Bearshare.

  3. acutally it would be great if shareaza could connect to fast track

  4. Shareaza is a good P2P client, Good download speeds and I can find what I am looking for 90% of the time, But it would be the best by far if you could connect to WinMX as well.

  5. If you want to use the Fasttrack network, you shoul use K++. It filters out all the viruses and blocks bad IP ranges. It’s a modified and improved version of Kazaa Lite.
    As for Shareaza. It now connects to 4 networks. The edonkey network, which has most files you want, but is incredibly slow as it’s so popular. The Gnutella network, which although isn’t very big anymore, it can still prove useful at times and turn up good results. The Gnutella2 network, which is indeed big and powerful, however i would not call it the sting of the program.
    The real sting of the program, is in fact the 4th network. The BitTorrent network. This is the fastest network of it’s kind, and it provides exactly what you want without the renamed crap. It’s much like the Sig2Dat system, except it supplies a list of sources inside each link that you click on the websites. Most of the time, people who become seeds or sources for these files are also users with very fast connection speeds, as they realise that seeding can result in heavy network traffic on their system.
    Another good thing about shareaza is the fact it opens your upload ports to download with too. Thus making your downloads faster.
    Check out the Torrent File system and you will understand why it makes Shareaza one of the best programs out there. There are indeed a few others which use this system, but none are as fast and connect to so many networks as Shareaza.