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Safari really making the rounds

BlogDex currently reports no less than 139 links to Apple’s Safari page. And that’s so far today – yesterday isn’t even taken into account.
This would match up with the high number of referrals I’ve had from other sites about it, with links from There is no cat and Dive into Mark, and trackback doing its magic with SixApart and Ben Hammersley.
The general concensus is that:

  • It’s fast
  • It looks good
  • Its bookmarks and download manager are good
  • It’s lightweight
  • It doesn’t like CSS
  • No tabbed browsing
  • It has some annoying rendering quirks
  • AppleScript support may just save its bacon

A good resource is Dave Hyatt’s blog – he’s one of the Safari developers, and provides feedback from Mark’s posting. The responses are generally responsive and admit that there are problems. It is only a beta after all.
The Web Standards Project also has a few words to say on the browser.
By the way, it appears GeoURL can’t cope with the huge increase in traffic and has gone down already. Hopefully it’ll be back up soon.

One Comment

  1. There’s a term for the amount of traffic GeoURL is currently receiving. It’s called “Slashdotting” – especially because of which was about GeoURL.
    GeoURL have temporarily pointed their “A” DNS record to so people visiting will get their own machine – at least that’s one way of reducing the server load. I just hope it comes back up soon…