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Another day, another hangover

So I went out again last night. It was alright, though the Gallery has an alternative room on Mondays, and to be honest I don’t really like that kind of music. Trouble was, most of the music upstairs was pretty naff too.
It was considerably cheaper than Saturday though – only £3 to get in and drinks were reasonably priced. I also had a chance to visit The Lowther, which is pretty close to the Gallery – we started off there instead of Varsity. And it wasn’t flooded out either. The queue for the Gallery was very long though – we had to queue for a good 45 minutes to get in, and then queue again to pay for tickets. And I thought Monday nights wouldn’t be quite so busy.
There’s another night out on Wednesday but I think I’d better start saving my money for university. Although my next loan installment is through (which means I now have a little under £1100 at my disposal), I’d rather spread that out through the year than blow it all now and be even more skint.

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