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Expensive night in York

Despite promising to go out on the town in York with Tom (who came out with me in Bradford a month ago), last night was the first time I actually made it out.

My mum took me, Tom and Jon, who I know from college, to Varsity, probably the only student bar in the centre of town. There is one in Bradford but I’ve not got around to going – there’s plenty of other perfectly good student bars near it. There we met more people, and started drinking. It was quite interesting finding out where everyone is now living and doing (none of us stayed in York last term), and it was good to know everyone was doing okay.
By the time 11pm (closing time) rolled around, there were about 8 of us – 2 stayed on upstairs while the rest of us headed for The Gallery.
The Gallery is probably the only decent club in the centre of town. It’s quite pricy compared to Bradford – £7.50 entry and drinks averaging out at around £3 – but I suppose this was a Saturday night. It has two rooms across 3 floors – you enter at the top, where most of the bars are, then move down to the main dance floor, which has cheese and dance music. The DJ was alright – he actually made some reasonable attempts to mix the songs together instead of just playing them back to back. The bottom floor was R’n’B – it was a little more relaxed here and we spent a little bit of time down there. But we were in the middle for most of the night.
And it was a good night – I met someone I hadn’t seen since we were at primary school together, and that was over 7 years ago, and a lot of the people I met I hadn’t spoken to since leaving college in June. I finally crawled back in at 3:15am with a very slimmed down wallet – I spent over £20 that night, which is much more than usual.
Today I’m suffering the after-effects; I had a fair few bottles of VK, which, of course, has caffeine in it, so I barely got any sleep last night. And I’ve got a hangover to boot, so I’ll be clocking out early tonight. Especially as we’re off out again on Monday night.
Oh, and here’s another eBay auction, this time a cheap personal organiser. And this time I’ll ship it to Europe and the US, since it’s only small. Neither auction has any bids left, but they both still have over a week to go so I have a while yet.

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