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My first eBay auction

It’s taken sometime, but I have started my first eBay auction: a Sony TCM-818 Cassette Recorder. I got it some years ago for Christmas, but in recent times it has been gathering dust on a shelf, so I decided to get rid of it. Starting bid is £5 (well… £4.99) – it comes with an AC power cable too.
Registering was interesting, mainly because of the amount of information I had to give to be able to sell anything. However I am reassured that eBay are making this many checks to avoid fraudulent sellers. And I was glad to see it suitably localised for the UK – the ability to accept Switch payments, for example. PayPal doesn’t yet accept Switch, which is one reason why I don’t like it.
The ultimate masterplan is to auction a brand new Siemens A50 phone, though I want to wait until I’ve had some succesful auctions and built up a good profile first. I have another 3 items to auction in the meantime.
Why do I have the phone? Well, I’ve changed my phone tariff (and phone number – if you know me and want to update your records please email me) – I now get 100 free minutes to Vodafone and landline phones per month, and 50 free text messages per month. There’s no line rental so I only pay for calls to other networks. So hopefully, it’ll save me some cash.
Anyway, to get this tariff, I had to get a new phone. So, the guy in Phones4U recommended that I buy the cheapest phone on offer and then sell it – although I (probably) won’t be able to make much back, ultimately I’ll save money in the long run.
So I now have to print off a run of ‘I’ve changed my number’ leaflets. Fortunately I’m going out tonight to meet up with some friends from college so I’ll have chance to give a few out. Ironically it’s the first time I’ve been out in York, despite having “done” Bradford already.


  1. Why don’t you just text everyone your new number with those 50 free texts? 🙂

  2. Could do. Actually I only have about 45 left this month now…