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Um… yeah.
If you visited the blog yesterday evening or early this morning, my apologies. I’d tried to post about the redesign, but Mozilla kept reporting ‘The page contains no data’. So I resubmitted it. 3 times.
Then, when the page finally loaded, it turned out that it had been posted 4 times. So, I needed to rebuild.
30 minutes later, only the first 40 entries had been rebuilt (the entire rebuild process normally takes about 30 seconds), so I gave up, and put up that temporary message. Fortunately the server is back up to speed this morning, so rebuilding didn’t take quite so long.
Another change that I forgot to mention: Ben Hammersley has now made it to the blogroll. Yes, it’s another geeky technology blog, but it’s interesting. O’Reilly have also just published a book by him, on RSS. Sounds like they chose the right man for the job.

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  1. Good to see you back.