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Captivating cable

Today included a trip to Leeds with my mum, and an opportunity to buy that missing USB cable I was grumbling about on Wednesday. We first went to Dixons, who were charging £14.99 or something for it, to which I thought “yeah, right”. This wasn’t even gold plated – just a bog standard, short USB cable – the gold ones were over £20.
So we went along to Leeds Market, where we found a shop called Electric Leisure, selling them for the much more reasonable £4.50. What got me was that the two products were almost exactly identical, yet one was 3 times more expensive.
I also got myself a new camera – a Konica Z-Up 150. It’s from the same product line as my previous one that I broke, except this one has a much longer zoom lens – 150mm instead of 70mm. It cost £80 (which my mum paid on her credit card :)), which was the same price as my previous one which we bought 4 years ago. The camera is somewhat larger though; certainly it’s larger than most modern day cameras. But the larger size does make it easier to hold, and it has rubbery sides so it should take a little more impact-proof than the previous one (which I think had been dropped a few too many times).
And if you’re interested, I had lunch at Pasta Romagna – a small Italian restaurant that I used to visit quite a lot, but haven’t been to much since. It hasn’t really changed, which is a good thing because it always was nice. There isn’t a huge food selection – usually 6-7 dishes at the most – but it’s always nice, and cooked the proper Italian way. Sure beats Pizza Hut, anyhow.

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