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The redesign

I’ll admit that until today I’d never intended this, but here’s a redesigned Neil’s World. Actually, very little has changed; the whole design process took 3 hours, though at least half of that was with designs I eventually rejected.
The font size is bigger; I’m sure I’m not the only one who found the smaller font a little difficult to read. Secondly, I’ve tried to split the site into sections – this is still work in progress, but it should make the site easier to navigate, particularly as I add more non-blog related pages. And there’s a new logo too – the photograph is one I took of Bathsheba, a small town on the Atlantic coast of Barbados when I was there during Summer 2000. It’s the second time I’ve had some of my Barbados photos as the title; the first time was on the design I had during early summer last year (and was the last design to feature tables for element positioning).
I’m not totally sure if I like the new design, or if it was better than what was here before, but bearing I felt like a change. After all, the previous one had been in use since early August. Still, I needed to get rid of the Christmas colours before twelth night…


  1. So that’s what that was about! Aha! (re: temp message).
    The redesign looks good, and passes the Dialup Test (viva 56K…shudder). Is it just me, or are there a lot more posts shown on the page now? Anyways. I am jealous+ because I need to redesign and have come up with NOTHING good. X-(
    I’ll survive.

  2. And there’s another reason why I hate dialup: sometimes it works and I know it, sometimes it works and I don’t. ::sigh::

  3. I think it’s just you, unless I’m being more verbose than usual…
    Thanks for the positive comments. I use 56k when I’m at university, so I know how you feel :(.