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Referral List

Although I’ve probably mispelled it, I now have a public list of referrals. The idea was blatently plaigirised from Tony who also has one, except I’ve customised mine so that it matches in with the site’s template.
Installing it wasn’t quite so straightforward. Firstly I had to enable mySQL on the server, which including setting a password, then waiting until this morning for the DNS to update – freedom2surf give the SQL server its own subdomain, but their DNS system only updates once a day at 09:30 UTC.
So then I configured the file, uploaded it, and then added the monitoring code to the pages. All of the MT-powered pages should now have it, bar the search results page which doesn’t work with PHP since it’s a CGI script.
Since I know almost zip about PHP, you can probably tell I got it from somewhere else, and in this case it was Textism. The site also offers a PHP script which highlights search terms on a page, so if I got to this page by typing in large blow up penguin into a popular search engine, those words would be highlighted on the page, like they are on UK. A nice touch; maybe I’ll implement it sometime.
While my parents are back at work today, I’m still at home, thankfully, and have spent to morning re-ripping a few CDs so that they use Ogg Vorbis 1.0. Several of my songs were ripped using the release candidate versions, and it has to be said that the output quality has improved since. I am strongly considering moving away from MP3 almost entirely now; I can only think of one program on my computer that won’t play Ogg files, and the size:quality ratio is much better. Heck, even Windows Media Player will play them with the right plugin.


  1. MT-RefSearch does the whole “highlight search terms on a page” system using some nifty Javascript and CSS by the way (mainly because the code is included on the page before the rest of the page is rendered, therefore it can’t do the whole highlighting prior to that). It’s quite nifty code (even if I say so myself) – little ideas stolen from around 6 different sources (reverse engineering the Google Toolbar code just to get highlighting code that works in IE then adapting it to Mozilla is fun 🙂 )
    Oh – by the MySQL remark do you mean that until now you’ve been running MT on the text database system?

  2. I do indeed. It seemed easier to set up at the time, and I wasn’t sure how big the database files would be (my database is restricted to 5MB unless I cough up for extra space)