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RSS Validation

Waaaay back in October I updated the RSS feeds, but couldn’t get them to validate. It’s taken me 2 months to realise what was wrong: I was using UniCode.
Don’t get me wrong: UniCode is a great idea. But it doesn’t work with the £ sign – to use that I have to type in some meaningless &something; statement instead of pressing SHIFT+3 on my keyboard (we’re talking British layout here).
Anyway, it’s now using ISO-8859-1 (the bog standard Western encoding), and validates fine. Phew.

One Comment

  1. Believe me, after a time type &pound, & and " (sigh – the days when you had to do that because of bad coding in a web browser: I can’t remember which one now) becomes second nature. Of course, you need to “catch yourself” if you are typing non-HTML documents 🙂